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Code of Conduct

We have an overall strict policy of good behaviour from everyone who attends the Club. Anyone caught dealing in drugs will be banned for life. Alcohol and cigarettes are strictly banned.



Our staff is expected to act as role models for our members at all times. Swearing and aggressive behaviour are not tolerated. We have an extensive training programme for all our staff in areas of sport and management issues, such as bullying, drug abuse and counselling skills. Most of our staff members are “home grown – having been members of the Club themselves as boys. They are representative of many ethnic communities and are able to provide an understanding of some of the problems that members may face.

All our staff members are  checked  via the Disclosures and Barring Service on a five yearly basis in accordance with guidelines set out for youth clubs.


We expect our members to be polite and well behaved at all times. We do not allow our staff to be intimidated by members and in the event of any bad behaviour the culprit is referred to the Club Manager who may, at his discretion, impose a period of suspension. If the offence is serious enough this could be suspension for life. We expect our members to pay their subscriptions and to follow the guidance and instructions issued by members of staff. There is no quibble about this.


Under our Child Protection Policy rules, visitors are not allowed to roam freely around the Club. A member of staff will accompany them at all times.


If attending an event in which the Crown and Manor is taking part, parents are exdpected to behave in a decorous manner.  Swearing and disrespectful behaviour to any opposing team and officials will not be permissed and such behaviour will result, not only in the complete barring of that parent from attending, but may also result in membership of a child being withdrawn.

Parents are not allowed access to the Club.  In the event that a parent wishes to discuss a matter with the Club Manager, an approach can be made to the member of staff at the front door, or a definite appointment can be arranged.

Everyone is expected to sign in at the main desk. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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