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Crown and Manor resources section to help with School work and mental wellbeing 


The staff at Crown and Manor understand that these times can be difficult for young people, carers and parents. We have created this resources page that will have information and support gathered from different sources. This page will be constantly updated so please keep checking back. 
We value our community and members greatly and want to provide support where we can, so please if you are struggling in any way please have a look here on our resources page and if you can't find what you are looking for please get in contact with us via email or our social media. 
Well Being

Health and Wellbeing

School Work Help 

School Work

Here you will find links to pages that will help with school work at both Primary and Secondary school levels. 

If you are looking for any subject in particular or are struggling with anything please get in touch via our email or social media and we will do are best to help 

Home - BBC Bitesize Lessons and resources at all levels on all subjects!

Primary Pupils



Sumaze Primary (app)

Guardians of Mathematica



Primary Challenge:

Secondary Pupils

GCSE practice:

Maths Genie:


Sumaze (app):




UKMT Junior (year 7-8):

UKMT Intermediate (year 9-11):


My English Blog | English Lessons and Resources for Students and Teachers. (



Freesciencelessons - YouTube


A good website we use for Spanish, French, German resources has been given a lockdown offer (until Valentine’s day), please follow this link:



They can watch and listen to lots of things here: 

Lots of lessons and exercises here: 

And here:



Deutsche Welle (linked both German and English for ease of understanding) 



Includes articles, slowly spoken news reports with subtitles and a host of links to other language-learning websites, some free of charge. A good hub to start with. 

Free practice material:

Ask a teacher!

If you have a question on your homework then you can email the question to and a teacher from Winchester College will reply as soon as they can with some advice. Please put the subject that you are asking about, eg Maths, English, Chemistry, and your academic year, eg Yr 9, Yr 10, in the subject of the email. Please ask permission from your parent or guardian before sending the email.


The email address is monitored by a group of teachers at Winchester College for the basis of giving academic support. Email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than replying to the question asked. Winchester College is a long standing partner of Crown and Manor. Any concerns can be reported to the club through Andrew Gray

Get Active 

Get Active

At Crown and Manor we know being active is important, by keeping active this helps keep the body and mind healthy, so here we will have a few links to resources to help give you ideas of exercise based activities you can do at home. 

The Body Coach TV - YouTube     Work outs with Joe Wicks.
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