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The Old Boys

The Crown and Manor Club is fortunate in having an Association that consists of ex-members of the Boys and Old Boys Clubs, their wives and friends.


The origin of the Association can be traced back to the Old Boy sections of the pre-First and Second World War sections of the Crown Club and Hoxton Manor Club.

The Association publishes a Newsletter two or three times a year that keeps members in touch with each other. 

The range of members is worldwide and it is with the greatest joy that a member will meet another member, often in the most bizarre environments and recall old times.

Contributions to the Newsletter are welcome from all sources.  It prints the dates of forthcoming events of the Association, Golf Days, London Theatre visits and similar activities.

Committee Meetings are held once a month, normally prior to our 1st Tuesday in the month lunch in Chingford.


Famous Alumni

Kojo Anim

Membership enquiries

Membership enquiries are welcomed from ex-members, who should contact:
Michael Carey on 01279 655697

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